Callaway Gardens

Callaway Gardens is really beautiful this time of year. While the gardens may not be in full bloom, the fall colors and Christmas festivities make this place feel so homey.

One of our big reasons for going was to drive through the lights later that night, but I neglected to get any pictures since I was driving and night photos in motion don't turn out very well.

It's also important to know they have a large Christmas Village with Santa there for pictures. We went in to get pictures but got out really quickly. While the workers were checking temperatures and requiring masks and stuff, we didn't feel the need to spend much time there. We were pressed for time, needed to get dinner, and wanted to get back in time to get in the car line for the lights.

Discovery Center

The Discovery Center is really cool and has a handful of exhibits. The big attraction there is the Birds of Prey demonstration, which Riley really enjoyed. The have some large birds of prey that they have rescued and take care of since some of them are non-releasable.

Pioneer Log Cabin

Also on the grounds is a pioneer cabin that demonstrates the environment that settlers would have lived in when the area was being settled.

Cecil B. Day Butterfly Center

One of my favorite places here is the Butterfly Center. Much like the one in Key West, they have a lot of beautiful butterflies here and it's incredibly peaceful with all the butterflies flying around you.

Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel

The only word that describes the chapel is reverent. The chapel is open during the day, but we missed the organ music that is played occasionally. I can only imagine how wonderful that sounds reverberating throughout the surrounding woods.

Up Next

We're spending some more time in Georgia for Christmas while we keep an eye out for the changes with the pandemic. We'd like to head to Texas for January and February, but that may change.

Thomas Hundley

Thomas Hundley